The Value of Counselling

Since 2003 OCS has been monitoring the ‘wellness’ of clients by means of a self-completed questionnaire both before and after counselling.  The questionnaire, which is based on responses relating to the perceived physical and emotional health of the client, was researched and validated nationally, and is now part of a popular and reliable system known as CORE (Clinical Outcome in Routine Evaluation), and is used internationally.

Results for the most recent period (2016/17) indicate that, for those clients assessed to be ‘clinically’ distressed, 83% showed an improvement such that their ‘wellness’ became representative of the general population rather than the ‘clinical’ population.  Most of the remaining 17% showed a lessening of distress, almost to the extent of becoming representative of the general population.  A clinically distressed client could be defined as one for whom medication or some other form of therapeutic intervention might have been prescribed.

We can say that these results continue to indicate that counselling therapy, short or longer-term, does lessen clients’ distress levels.  A more detailed report is available if required.

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